Nothing to report

It’s been a week since I blogged and a week since last ‘weigh-in’.
And what an uneventful week it has been on the 12WBT side of things
(for me, anyway).

Clearly there have been plenty of events on the world-wide side of things
and none too pretty, I must say.
I think we all know what I am talking about.
Everyone is talking about it and I’m not going to, suffice to say I haven’t been much in the mood for joking around on my blog and talking about myself and my oh-so-important (not) weight loss/gain dramas.
There seems to be a ‘real’ world out there and it intrudes upon my peaceful, kinda self absorbed existence every now and then.

I’m sorry world, for all your sadness and suffering and terrible-ness,
for all the bad things and evil and demented killers and tears and broken hearts.

We are blessed to live where we do in this world.
Blessed beyond imagination.
We are free on every level that we allow ourselves to be and there are not many people in this world that can live like that!

So this week I have struggled to write a blog post that I feel comfortable with,
because I don’t want to just say nothing and act like nothing has happened.

But life does go on, doesn’t it?
After all the tragedies all over the world, life goes on.
All we can do is try to learn and grow more grateful and become better people because of the suffering we see others go through.
And some of us can offer prayers or money or physical help or some kind of other support via the internet.
And try not to forget, ever, that there are people everywhere who have had their lives torn apart through no fault of their own and honour them by being humble and loving towards each other every single time we have the opportunity.

So, here we are, Week Five of the 12WBT Odyssey, less than a week away from Christmas and time to weigh in.
I gave up today, trying to weigh myself.
There doesn’t seem to be a flat place on the bathroom floor.
I got about five different readings in there and then in the loungeroom, received the number I was after.
Therefore, I am declaring a 200g weight loss this week.

I am fed up with hovering around the same weight.
But I haven’t really done much to warrant major success.

This week:

Ferrero Rochers x probably 8 = 584 calories (husband’s fault)

Lawley’s Bakery x 1 giant ‘slice’ apple crumble cake = 1 tonne of calories
(but husband showed me a way to eat this one guilt-free – see image – he’s so thoughtful like that)
(husband’s fault)

Look Mum, I left my crust!

Look Mum, I left my crust!

 Victoria Cafe x 1 takeaway Indonesian food = 1 mini-van of calories
(ummmm, my ‘suggestion’)

Kind friend x 1 chocolate drop oatmeal cookie = somewhere I read 113 calories, however I believe this to be incorrect,
especially when combined with other traditional Canadian Christmas cookies!)
(Christmas’ fault) 

Sara Lee x 1 individual Lemon Meringue Pie = let’s just say over 300 calories
(me again)

Wine, wine, champagne and more wine = lost count of calories.
(partly my fault, but I will not take full responsibility)

So, as of yesterday, the full-cream milk lattes have gotta go (in order to free up a couple of calories).
(Except for a treat on Saturday).
Now I take it black (like my men).

Strictly speaking that’s not true, but I had to use that line once in my life!

Here I will leave you with a Chinese proverb:
Do not fear going forward slowly; fear only to stand still..

All the love in the world,


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