Still going strong(ish)

The weekend came and went.
Wow! Superfast, as always.

Now I am trying to think back to Friday night at least, to update.
Husband had his work Christmas party.
I remember that much.
Oh yes, now I remember.

Mum rang on Friday afternoon to let me know my sis has bought me a couple of little things on her trip to Melbourne.
They were waiting for me at Mum’s.
She hinted that there was something edible and I just knew I was in trouble.

Anway, long story short.

Could have been worse, right?

I didn’t eat them all;
maybe about five and husband gladly gobbled up the rest.

Accompanied by:

Then I went home and ate lots of left over meat from our BBQ on Tuesday.
And waited for husband to return and drank some bubbles with him.

But, honestly, this is an improvement on my pre-12WBT Odyssey gluttony!

On Saturday I was good.

I did my beginners bootcamp workout.

We ate wraps with a little bit of low-fat ham, fried egg (wiped oil out of the pan first)
a handful of greenery and just a trace of kewpie mayo.
I did indulge in a full-cream milk latte
(which I have already advised, will not give up unless absolutely necessary!)

For lunch we ate corn thins, with egg, carrot, cucumber and a hint of peanut butter.

Dinner was a small serving of chicken breast marinated in lemon juice with rosemary,
accompanied by asparagus and grape tomatoes all on the BBQ.

And there, I’m done.
Oh there was one corner of this.

It was my husband’s Saturday night ‘treat’
He is a feind for chocolate.
I’m not.
But, yes I still joined him with one small square, just like the one in the picture.

Again, this is an improvement on my pre-12WBT Odyssey performance!

Which brings us to Sunday.
The day started well, with museli.

From there, it probably could be classed as going downhill.
But in the nicest possible way.

We decided to make a quick trip to the Swan Valley to pick up some wine
(for Christmas!)
Mission accomplished, our minds (well, my mind) turned to lunch.

“I really feel like grilled fish and scallops”,
I ridiculously blurt out.
“Why don’t we go to the Rose & Crown?”
All the while knowing I have fresh fish at home that I could cook up, if I truly was that desperate for grilled fish.
I just wanted to eat out and tried to kid myself that I was going to do it Mish’s way.
Husband, of course, was a willing participant in whatever delights were on offer.

Anyway, long story short:


Guess what?
I chose the fish!!
(not the pork belly that I so, so, so, so wanted).

And that, people, is an improvement on my pre-12WBT Odyssey sinfulness!

And that was our weekend.

Back in the lounge room.
I don’t feel up to the ‘breathless flailing about’┬átoday
so I take  the easy way out with beginners bootcamp.

Again, this is an improvement on my pre-12WBT Odyssey slothfulness!

And I am back to my nutrition plan.
I can’t believe how pathetic I am.
I really, really want to do well at this, but I just can’t get obsessed (or even anywhere near it).

I do begin to think there is something wrong with me,
but then I remember that the whole deal for me was to improve.

So, let me see if I can come up with 10 improvements that I should be at least a little bit pleased with myself about?

1. I drink at least 3 litres of water per day
2. I get up half an hour earlier and exercise
(even though at this stage it is only really ‘breathless flailing about’ on the lounge room floor)
(surely it must burn SOME calories)
3. I pay attention to what I eat and make an effort to stick to roughly 1200 per day
(on days that I can)
4. I know what a red flag day is (I have conquered one).
5. I have lost 1.5kg
6. I am saying ‘NO’ to chocolate & unhealthy snacks 98% of the time.
7. I am no longer going home and bingeing on whatever I can find.
8. I have entered the ‘Weekly Surprise’ every week so far.
9. I can do three sets of Mish’s double crunches.
10. I am well on my way to doing three sets of Mish’s tricep dips.


All the love in the world.


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