Just about sums it up for me today.

So far it has been a much better day than yesterday.

I was good; jumped out of bed without even thinking about it and
completed my ‘breathless flailing about’ on the lounge room floor.
I really think I am improving.

This afternoon – a sudden RED FLAG!
Christmas goodies arrived from a supplier.
The most delightful box filled with:
Choc shortbread buttons
Morocan spice nuts
Toffee apples (slices of dried apple with toffee ‘drizzles’)
Che buono
Jam drops
Piccolini bambini
(If you would like to torture yourself , please click on the image)
Sweeten Me UpI went straight for the nuts, checked the calorie count and prompty returned them unopened to the box.

The only thing remotely OK was the toffee apples.
176 cal / 100g
The whole bag only weighed 80g, so in reality I could have eaten the lot for a snack.
I had two small slices, got a rubber band, sealed up the bag and returned it to the box.


coming up tonight.

Another birthday – Schnitzel night!
My sis-in-law has joked she will make sure there is plenty of salad for me.
She is so thoughtful like that.

Wish me luck, please…..
(I feel stupid asking because I already know I will drink my calorie allowance,
eat some more calories, ignore the salad and get to bed late)
Actually, pray for me, please….

I’m in a much more positive place today and want to be there tomorrow as well.

I have promised myself I will stay away from the scales until next Wednesday’s weigh in
and I’m excited for our first ‘measure up’ because I just know I’ve shrunk something, somewhere,

In the meantime I will press on.
I will not compare myself to others and I will not even compare myself to myself!
I will JFDI!

All the love in the world


10 thoughts on “

      • Thanks Ruby S
        I did exactly as I thought I would, but no, won’t beat myself up too much.
        The morning breathless flailing was dismal – too tired and just not into it.
        Oh well, at least I got up 🙂
        Thank you for your encouragement!

    • Thanks Joe,
      I appreciate your support. I need all I can get, but you’re right, we have to set a standard for ourselves and celebrate every little milestone 🙂

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