1. It’s time I began looking after my health
2. I want those skinny white jeans that I bought a size too small to fit me
3. Who wouln’t be inspired by this?
4. I am such a pessimist
5. I just wanna look like her
6. and her
7. I don’t want to have to question what the hell I am seeing in the mirror
8. I am afraid of the scales going up just like the years do
9. There she is again – that skinny girl in the Mesop ad. 
Dare I believe I could actually become a middle aged version of her?
10. I want my sexy legs of 20 years ago to come back
11. When we are old, I want to be able to do fun/active things with my husband
– yes, that’s right, things like pushing him on a swing?
12. I want to eat beneficially/nutritionally/healthily
13. I want to conquer this. I wanna be like Mish!
14. I wanna succeed, so no one can laugh at me…

PS: I’m sorry, I feel like I’ve done nothing but talk about myself.


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