Forging ahead

We’re well into the third week of  the famous
12WBT Odyssey
and I am still going strong.

If I were ever to be proud of myself, I guess now would be a good time.

Could the lead up to Christmas be any speedier though?
Doing the 12WBT seems to make everything go in fast motion.
Tomorrow we are up to our third weigh in.
So far I have lost a kilo a week, but I had a sneaky peak this morning and the numbers I saw indicated that this week will not be another kilo week.

I can hardly cry “why oh, why?” knowing what I know.

I did mention earlier, Saturday was shaping up to be another of my SSSs!
(say it in a booming, ominous voice).

The day began well, with my Fitness Blender, beginners bootcamp workout.
This one says I can burn 115-184 calories
Hardly 1000, I know,
but it was still exercise I wouldn’t ever have dreamt of doing on a Saturday morning.

Then we were into it.
It was always going to be a full on day, even after I turned down one invitation in order to attend two other events.
When I say events, well, really they are parties.
At parties I show very little restraint.
Husband suggested I don’t eat.
That way my 1200 calories could be used for drinking.
What fabulous advice, Honey, thanks!

Looking back now, I could have done worse.
We all already know I could have done better!

I know I didn’t eat any of the home-made pizza and fairly nibbled on other things;
things like gourmet salami, pork crackling, giant pieces of black forrest birthday cake….
(Excuse # 1. it would have been rude to say no)
(Excuse # 2. it was my cousin’s 65th)
I didn’t have any cheesecake, only one piece of camembert and no bread.
Phew, I think I’m beginning to show promise.

One little discovery I did happen to make that day:
1 oz Frangelico liquer = 103 calories
1 oz Hazelnuts (21 nuts) = 178 calories.

See, I said I did good!
I did not touch even a single hazelnut!

So, onto the next engagement!
(Goodness, aren’t we popular?)
Brother-in-laws 60th!

The format for this one was finger food and more drinking and lots of standing around chatting.
Oh, the food; the food was delicious;
Mini beef and guiness pies
Chicken satays
Fried fish cakes
and probably things I have forgotten.
Not to mention the bowls of lollies and chocolates, strategically placed around the room.

Oops! I don’t remember a birthday cake.
Was there a birthday cake?

Anyway, obviously I blew it (even further) on the calorie count.

Then Sunday was a rest day.

We did the mushroom and egg ‘Big Sunday Breakkie’ at about lunch time and then
we did the ‘Sweet Potato, Roast Capsicum Pizza with Ricotta’ at approximately 8.30pm and then
we went to bed.

And that was the weekend…..

Needless to say, Monday morning saw me putting even more effort into my ‘breathless flailing about’
on the lounge room floor.
(In case you haven’t read previous posts, ‘breathless flailing about’ = exercise.)
I was hopeless, but at least stuck with the nutrition plan all day.

And today brings us to Tuesday; the day before
(there’s that booming, ominous voice again)

I did my beginners bootcamp this morning with some add-ons from Mish.
Still no burpees… sorry….
We had our banana smoothie breakfast and lunch is a char-grilled broccolini and tomato salad with salmon
(from the recipe index)

Tonight is yet another ‘gathering’.
(sigh…. so popular)
I don’t want to be rash and commit to something unachievable, but I might try to be good
(that thought instantly makes my mouth sad and droop down at the corners)
I said ‘might’!

Oh, scales!
Please be kind to me tomorrow!

All the love in the world,

PS: Remember this;
‘Without optimism nothing would ever get done’


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