As week two progresses

Well, it’s Thursday of week two of my
12WBT Odyssey
The weeks seem to be speeding by.
We have already received our menus and exercises for week three!

I feel as though I am getting into the swing of things now.
I have felt an improvement in my ability to exercise although still only making it through half of my Fitness Blender workout.
Yep, that’s right, a huge 15 minutes!
This is one reason I definitely don’t want to train with anyone; not just yet anyway.
Even the thought of pushing myself, or worse still someone else pushing me is enough to get my heart racing in fear.

It brings back bad memories of aerobics classes of the 1980s
OMG, the burn!
And the ‘push! push! push! breathe! breathe! breathe!
Squeeze!       Squeeze!       Squeeze!,
Count it out 9! 8! 7! 6! 5!
The burning thigh muscles, the burning calf muscles, the burning glutes and the burning abs.
And I only weighed about 50kg then!
I just couldn’t endure that again and the breathlessness, caused probably by those 15 or so years of smoking
and many years of living a languid lifestyle, where ‘exercise’ consisted of basically a ‘wander’ down to the river.

Well, when I say ‘couldn’t endure’ I mean that at this point my 15 minute flailing, breathless performance
is not worth taking public.
Perhaps I will get there one day, but at this stage, I have set myself a goal of completing my 30 minute Fitness Blender ‘routine’ fearlessly, not breathlessly, by the end of the 12WBT.
But watch this space, because I might even aim higher than that.

OK, so that’s where I’m at, or should I say not at, with the exercise.

The starvation food is becoming less of an issue.
I have been cooking some absolutely superb meals exactly as the recipes say.

My husband has raved about the food too.

It is a very pleasant change not to have to surf the web every day looking for something yummy for dinner, write out shopping lists, then end up with a shopping trolley half full of things I hadn’t intended buying.

The one thing that I have not been able to let go of is my ‘daily shopping’ routine.
The first week, I diligently took the printable shopping list to Woolies and commenced loading up my trolley with a mountain of fresh vegetables.
All those vegetables really started to make me panic. A sweet little basket-full I can handle, but a whole shopping trolley?
Unlike some of my counterparts, I didn’t feel proud and wholesome. I felt silly and embarrassed and really it was a bit silly because by the time I needed to use some of this greenery, it would be past its use by date.
It also wouldn’t really fit in our fridge.
So I put some back.

I must say, it was convenient to have a fridge full of food
(as opposed the the empty fridge we usually have, bar a half empty jar of  lemon butter and some rotting things in tupperware containers).
I could just choose what I wanted to cook and voila!
There were the ingredients, just like I was on Masterchef.
I felt like a ‘real’ housewife (I’m sure that’s what it must feel like).

Sadly I have returned to my ‘daily shopping’ routine.
I still cook from the menus; only I buy what I need each day.
And I don’t mind that I have to stop in at the shops everyday on the way home, because I have already done my exercises first thing in the morning, so that part of my routine is still comfortingly the same

So yesterday was ‘Weigh-in-Wednesday’.
I had lost another kilo!
That was even with my ‘SSS’
‘Super Shocker Saturday’
which I spoke about a couple of days ago.

I have read and do believe that in reality, one kilo could be considered a fluctuation,
especially considering that on Monday I was up 500g on my last weigh-in.
However, I have maintained this reduction since Tuesday.
Go figure.
Monday I was up 500g, Tuesday I was down 1.1kg and Wednesday saw me come in one kilo under last Wednesday’s weight.
is all I can say.

I have been pretty diligent about the food and snacks and I have been drinking about three litres of water a day.
And I have been thinking thin!
And then there’s the girly issues that everyone talks about that may have had a positive effect on this occassion.

Anyway, my goal is to be as good as I can and see if I can lose another KG.
I have another SSS this Saturday and it’s not the kind Mish encourages.

So things change slowly.
But slowly they improve.

My improvements to date are:
1. I have the beginnings of strength in my core.
(I now have some kind of muscles that make the sucking in of my stomach just a little more effective)
2. I have not touched chocolate!
3. I can now do three sets of Mish’s double crunches
4. I can feel muscles in my arms, legs and stomach (they hurt)
5. I now ‘binge’ on pistachios

And these are the things that need my attention:
1. Bed time – still too late
2. Alcohol – still drinking (but a little less than before)
3. Burpees – what can I say. I’m just not ready for burpees…
4. Saturdays – I’m too much of a party girl…
(but I will do my regular breathless flailing for 15-30 minutes at some point before the partying begins)

PS: I’m sorry, I feel like I’ve done nothing but talk about myself.

Oh, one last thing:

Last night I decided to hold a little pity party all for myself (I was tired and lonely) and I began thinking this was all a waste of time and I was having all these negative thoughts that were just so… negative:

I want to give up.
I’m not good enough.
Who cares if I’m fat.
Nobody cares about me…
Blah, blah, blah.

Then I did something weird.
I got out the measuring tape and measured one of my thighs and it was 1cm smaller than when I last measured
and then I felt better and all the negativity mentioned above disappeared.
Then I went to bed…..


All the love in the world…


2 thoughts on “As week two progresses

  1. Thank you! I now have a term for the exercise I’ve been doing: ‘regular breathless flailing’. 😉

    Really enjoyed this – your posts are so relatable. Good luck with it, and congrats on the wins/ improvements (especially the no chocolate – very impressive)!

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