Today I realised that making the right choices is very important.
I can shape my destiny!
I can achieve good outcomes or I can create not so good ones!

Actually I wish I had realised it last night, when I chose to watch that thing about the Rolling Stones
instead of turning the TV off and washing the dishes and organising lunches for Monday.

Yeah, at my age!
I have finally received the revelation about choosing good over evil, healthy over unhealthy, smart over dumb,
organised over disorganised, kind over mean…
I think you get the idea

So then I began to look back at choices I have made in my life and how the outcomes were clear indicators of whether I had made the right choice or the wrong choice.

Then I chose to go to my happy place!

‘Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards’ as my good friend Soren Kierkegaard would say.
I know, totally meaningful, hey. You can use it if you want.

So, on to those choices.

First thing this morning at precisely eight minutes before six, when the alarm went off, I was faced with a choice.
Because of my bad choice last night, I had gone to bed half an hour late.
So choosing to do right this morning was hampered by bad choice of last night.

It was difficult.

I was already awake, but my ‘bad choice’ voice was telling me to sleep another half an hour.
‘Good choice’ voice was saying “you’re already awake, idiot! Get up!”
Bad choice voice replies “you haven’t had eight hours sleep and exercising wouldn’t be good for you right now”.
Good choice voice says nothing.
Bad choice voice is also silent.
I begin to nod off…

Then I’m up!

Rummaging through the drawer looking for my ‘workout’ tights.
Can’t find them.
Bad choice voice says “wear those long, hot ones” (hot as in hot, not sexy)
Good choice voice is all confused.
Bad choice voice says
“Just wear undies, no not those ones, the bigger ones, the red ones, no the grey ones….. no! Wear shorts!”
Where are those tights?
Where has my husband put them?
Good choice voice says “wear WHATEVER, just hurry up!”

So, roughly eight minutes later I am there, on my yoga mat, ready to commence my routine.
Bad choice says “you need a glass of water first”.
I say “Shutup! The robot/terminator man is about to start skipping.”
(and I had already had one glass of water)
I’ve chosen not to skip, but have taken the’ jogging on the spot’ option.
I think this is the only choice for me at my current fitness level.
How can you skip and hold bouncy things so they don’t bounce?
Oh, there’s another questionable choice.
Maybe a bra would be a good choice.
Maybe not sharing this information with the world would be an even better choice.

Anway, the struggle continues throught the workout.
Bad choice voice “Just do two sets – three will kill you”
Good choice voice “Do two this round – then do another set next round”
Bad choice voice “Give up now. It’s unhealthy to be panting this much”
Good choice voice “Remember your goals, remember your reasons”

And then I JFDI anyway!

Breakfast – more choices.
Husband “Do you want mango on your untoasted museli or should we stick to the apple”
Me “ummmm, errrr, well the mango needs to be eaten”
(probably not the best choice)
Note to self:
Check calories in half a mango when I get to work.

Then this:
Bad choice voice “Hey why don’t you weigh yourself? Even though you did just slightly less than ZERO to stick to the 12WBT on the weekend, I bet you’ve lost weight”
Good choice voice “Yeah, good idea – you need a wakeup call”
(actually I’m not sure who said what here)

Yep – gained 500g.

That was when I realised I had some serious choices to make about this week.

There are plenty of things I can do to help myself,

The ‘alcohol calories’ must be eliminated (OK, reduced) this week.

More sleep/earlier nights are needed, so no TV!
(easy choice!)

Then there is the morning latte made with full cream milk.
But, hmmmm, we’ll see if the other two choices work first.
C’mon, two outta three is better than nothing! (spoken in a whiney voice)

I heard this song this morning.
Now I can’t stop chanting over and over:
And my heart says “Fire it up”
And my soul says “Fire it up”
And my mind says “Fire it up”
And everybody says “Fire it up”
(I know, they’re not even the right lyrics but I’m pretty ‘fired up’ anyway!)

Gosh! Look how old he is now.
I bet he made some bad choices in his life, but I guess as long as the good outweigh the bad, you’re on the right track.
Hey, yeah, I might make that my motto.

PS: I think listening to loud, inspirational music whilst exercising is a good way to drown out those voices.

Signing out…


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