One Week Down

Well, Sunday afternoon has arrived; the end of the first week of my 12WBT Odyssey ๐Ÿ™‚
In a way, I wish I could report that I have turned my life around already.
I’ve read countless reports of calories burned, calories counted, muscles awakened and muscles aching.
I feel a bit ashamed actually.
I really have taken it a bit easy.
I want to believe that I’m not the only one; there must be hundreds out there like me and maybe some who stopped before they even got started (that thought did enter my mind on Monday morning…. butwasquicklydispelled).
It’s certainly not that I’m not enthused or motivated about my 12WBT.
I am.
I do however, seem to be easing myself into it, compared with some.
(Comparing yourself with others can lead to vanity or insecurity – it is no good!)
(I think I’m leaning more towards insecurity right now.)

So, the first week; what HAS changed?
Well, I haven’t accompanied my husband on any of his ‘snacking’ forays.
Not one piece of that Cadbury Dream (more like a bloody nightmare!) has passed my lips.
I asked him to buy the smallest white chocolate bar he could find so I could grate it and make it look like parmesan cheese on my ‘spaghetti and meatballs’ cupcakes (see yesterday’s post).

All the white chocolate I needed
Less than a teaspoon, not a FAMILY BLOCK!

Big mistake – he came home with a family block, just as I feared he would.
He’s obviously having trouble letting go.
Family blocks to him literally are ‘family’.
He has an unbreakable bond, an unconditional love.
For him ‘chocolate is thicker than water’.
That block of chocolate sits prime position on the middle shelf of the fridge, mocking me, like some evil step child.
But it is not my problem.
I have changed.
That chocolate is not my problem;
I have a willpower muscle and I’m prepared to use it (even though today is supposed to be a rest day).

So, there’s one transformation.

Let’s see… what else?

Well, this past week the alarm has been set for half an hour earlier than usual.
I’m up, dressed in ‘something-resembling-what-people-who-are-serious-about-exercise’ wear and ready to crunch them abs at 6am sharp.
Every morning I have a little chat with myself, something along the lines of ‘JFDI’, but a little more long winded and perhaps a little more pleading, begging, cajoling, threatening, berating and a lot more time consuming!
Honestly, how much self chatter needs to go on before my brain shuts off and I remember the war cry
Obviously there are lots of us out there and we need to hear that loud and clear and well,
just flippin’ well do it!

OK, so I haven’t touched chocolate and I have arisen early, silently mouthing the magical words.

I’ve been present for the half hour workout video.
I know it’s supposed to be an hour.
I can complete 20 minutes – max!
I have a goal now.
To complete half an hour of my ‘fitness blender’ workout.
The name itself conjures up images of my body being put in a blender, literally, and that is exactly what it feels like.
Blood and guts everywhere.
It is not pretty…… yet….
But I will do my half hour by the end of 12 weeks.
I will be like the little robot man in the video.
I watch him. He is devoid of emotion. I see no struggle on his face. He doesn’t seem to be in any pain and I hear no panting; just the countdown from five then ‘start’ then the countdown from five then ‘rest’.
He reminds me of the bad guy on ‘The Terminator’. He never waivers. He never FAILS. He is invincible!
I am going to be like him in precisely 11 weeks.
Oh yes I am!
(I wonder if he likes champagne…)

I have also stuck to the menus.

Middle Eastern BBQ Beef Kebabs and Tzatziki
We forgot the handful of baby spinach and wholemeal pita bread…
so I will show you how we made up for it later!

Ummm, apart from Monday night dinner at Mum and Dad’s.
I no doubt, drank my calorie allowance before we even sat down to eat, continued to drink up my calories whilst we ate a gorgeous diet-friendly main course (Mum is so thoughtful like that), followed by one of her ‘new recipes’ for dessert.
She loves to treat us to gourmet desserts.
It’s her specialty.
This dessert did not disappoint.
I think it would be called a sago pudding.
I think my calorie count before I even began dessert was probably somewhere in the high one hundreds/low one thousands.
All thoughts of my ‘transformation’ went out the window.
Dad ranted on about how he didn’t agree with diets, how we all drink too much to bother, how his everyday activity probably burns up enough calories to allow the regular consumption of about 200 cans of beer.
And so it goes – Monday – calorie count? FAIL.
I didn’t even know what was in that dessert in order to plug it into myfitnesspal.

So on to Tuesday.
More entertaining.
This time I tried to be good. I did, really!
We had dinner guests (should I be thinking red flag for these things?)
I cooked Mish’s Penang Curry.
I’ve cooked this about five times already.
What an absolute winner. I could live on the stuff!
Then there was the rice, the fluffiest white bread known to mankind (brought by my friend) and now for the real clanger – some kind of baked toffee cheesecake (another kind friend).
Am I for real?
I shouldn’t be telling you all this.
Let’s just write off Tuesday as well – FAIL!

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.
Stuck to the menus almost religiously.
(Still doing my morning workout remember!)

Dessert – maybe not good
Half a sheet of mountain bread (35 cal) smeared with homemade lemon butter (? cal)

Then roll up and enjoy…

The pizza on Friday night was a winner.
A couple of glasses of bubbles probably weren’t.
But I had done my workout and I didn’t snack (and was beyond starving), so surely I had a couple of lazy calories lying around.

Friday night pizza.
Truly delicious – a keeper!

Saturday, as stated yesterday was a white wash.

Sunday, today, has been lean on calories, lean on activity, but far from my worst day.
I have a husband who barely moves away from his computer on the weekend.
He has applications to do, work emails to catch up on and a book to revise.
Talk about EXCUSES – his, not mine!

So all in all, there have been some ups and downs.
Some successes and some pretty impressive FAILS.
There have been changes, however small.
I can say, I have reactivated muscles which have lain dormant for about 20 years.
Seriously, I think the exercises, as feeble as they are at this stage, are having an effect.

I know the 12WBT works.
It’s up to me whether I give my absolute ‘all’ or I just give ‘bits’.
I will reap what I sow and I am happy with that.
I’m a little bit afraid of becoming some kind of gym junky or fitness freak, but all indications are that that is unlikely.

I’m enjoying it all.
I still have 11 weeks to be transformed and I’m still motivated to believe I will be.

Week Two of the Odyssey?
(don’cha love that saying?)

‘Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom.
Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power’


2 thoughts on “One Week Down

  1. HI! Loved your version of week 1 – mine didn’t go too easy either. Was working away from home (last week!), ate takeaways (I kept telling myself its the very last time ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ) and then had a dinner party which rocked and sunk my calorie boat. On top of that, doing some house renovations (only 2 weeks to go) and just knackered in the evenings! I used to think I have an ok fitness level and am ok-ish healthy – but since starting this quickly found out I am not fit. At all.. not even remotely… and apparently I have the metabolic rate of a 40 year old (which is 15 years older than I am!!) – so tomorrow my do-over starts – bring on yummy meals (cant believe they are so tasty! ) and finally some much needed exercise! good luck with week 2!

    • Hi Elaine,
      It is comforting to know that we are not alone.
      I hope week two sees improvements, however small they may be.
      That is all I really aim for – that each week will be an improvement on the last.
      All the best and keep in touch!

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