A bit of background

The time has come to blog again, I think.

Over a year has passed since I posted on our Momiji to Mitsukoshi blog and I have no idea why.
It all started with the trip to Japan, or ended, I should say.
I had planned to blog everyday, but once I had finished my homework, downloaded photos to facebook and written lengthy lovenotes to my beloved, there was simply no time to blog.
So I’ll let that one go for now and get on with my latest adventure!


It has also been a year since I slowly let my Dukan dieting fall by the wayside.
The only remant was our daily oat bran ‘gruel’ for breakfast.
Yep, we diligently consumed the same thing every morning, except on Saturdays, believing that the only thing between us and obesity was this magical gruel made of skim milk, egg white and oat bran, with a handful of whatever fruit (naughty, naughty) we had lying around, topped with yoghurt.
I still don’t know what the benefits of the oat bran are.
All I know is that we are like new people now that we aren’t faithfully cooking up our porridge every night, burning the pot and leaving it for scrubbing next time we were back in the kitchen for more than one minute.
It was a rountine that had grown old and tired – a bad habit almost and it was high time we made some changes.
When I say changes, there were a couple of things that needed to come under scrutiny.
First of all, let me point out that the 12WBT has been called ‘life changing’, not just the promised body transformation, but a transformation of the mind also, leading somehow to a whole life transformation.

So, what happens with people like me, who really love their life, give or take a couple of not so healthy habits and feel very comfortable with the way things are right now?

Well, it’s the ‘right now’ bit that is the problem I guess.
Right now I am not dangerously overweight.
Right now I don’t have any health issues.
Right now I don’t really have to worry too much about what I consume, within reason.
Right now I enjoy ‘relaxing’ with some tripple brie and a glass or three of sem sav.
Right now I can still hide lumps and bumps fairly successfully under the right, carefully chosen clothing.

You get the idea right?
Right now everything is OK – not fabulous, mind you, but I survive, I manage, I’m not doing too badly for a 47 year old…

Only problem is, there are niggling little problems.

A month ago I could barely walk, with back pain.
I lived on nurofen for a month and miraculously, whatever the ailment was, has disappeared.
My fitness level is a big fat ZERO. I simply do not exercise.
I went for a walk about a month ago, on a day when I had had enough of my back and decided no matter what pain I was in, I would walk along the river.
That was it.
That is the only exercise I have done since I can remember.
It is difficult to get out of bed; I have no energy.
I have no body confidence; I’m loving the floaty, kaftany fashion right now, but what happens when that fashion passes and just looks daggy.
How will I hide those blubbery, wubbery bits?
My age demands that I start making choices that will help me in the future, not lead to regret.
There was a time many moons ago when I could get away with a black coffee and a B & H Special Mild (that’s a cigarette, for anyone born after 1987) for breakfast.
I’m not proud of it, but it demonstrates how things change.
It demonstrates how things must change!

And time for change it is!

The changes I want to make will be beneficial and they will impact not only me, but my husband as well.
I am happy about that.
He is ever so slightly more health conscious than I am, but will struggle saying goodbye to his not so healthy habits.
I know he will be up for whatever exercise or food I suggest, but probably be a bit sad when I don’t bring home his family block on a Friday night – something like losing a loved one!

So, there is a brief outline of where I am positioned at the beginning of my


I plan to share the journey and my thoughts (and maybe opinions).
I am not going to win any prizes for what I know are going to be small achievements in comparison with what I have seen and what I believe others will achieve.
I’m not very competitive.
I hope I can be helpful and encouraging.
And right now I feel like blogging.

Signing off for now…
all the love in the world…

“It takes a positive thought to replace a negative one”


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